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Get Your Heater Ready for the Season Ahead

assorted-hand-toolsCold weather arrives quickly here in Washington. You’re probably ready for the cheer of the holiday season and the chilly fall evenings, but make sure your heater is ready too! You might not think that a heater tune-up is absolutely necessary and that you’ll get through the cold temperatures here just fine without one. However, a mere tune-up with one of our professionals separates merely adequate heating from a truly comfortable home. At Foss Heating & Cooling, your comfort is our number one priority so if you need an HVAC contractor in Anacortes, WA, you can turn to us for dependable service.

So Why Is It Necessary?

You probably see many ads and emails prompting you to have your heater maintained during fall, but why is heater maintenance seen as a necessary step?

It Increases Your System’s Lifespan

Having routine maintenance done on your heater increases your system’s lifespan. Ensuring that the unit is ready to run every year before the heating season prevents your system from running while it’s inefficient. A system running while it’s inefficient causes unnecessary damage. Forcing your unit to run while it’s experiencing problems often exacerbates these issues and sometimes even spreads the problem to other parts of your system. Prevention with your HVAC system is always the best practice.

It Ensures Proper Airflow

It’s unlikely that you’re meticulously cleaning your own ductwork, it’s a good idea to have a professional come out annually do this for you. When you have a professional HVAC technician work through your system, it removes any dirt, grime, and debris that has accumulated in your system throughout the year. Removing these blockages is important for your system’s efficiency and it’s also important for your air quality. You’ll literally and figuratively breathe easier knowing that your system is clean.

It Increases Efficiency

Ensuring that your system is clean, calibrated, and aligned on all levels ensures that your heater is running at maximum capacity. When your system is efficient you’ll save money. When your system goes without service, it’s efficiency slowly dwindles and when you run an inefficient system, your heater must use more power and energy to meet the same standard heating needs. This puts unneeded stress on your system and increases your energy bills.

It Helps You Avoid Repairs

If you’re keeping your system maintained, it helps avoid breakdowns. If you go for years without any system maintenance, it’s likely that issues arise behind the scenes that deteriorate the quality of your system. You might not notice these problems as a homeowner, put a certified HVAC technician notices these issues and can alleviate the problem before it becomes a serious issue. Avoiding emergency repairs saves you money and prevents unneeded stressful situations.

Why Choose Foss Heating & Cooling?

At Foss Heating & Cooling, we’ve faithfully served the Skagit, Island, and Snohomish Counties since 1972. Homes in this area have very particular cooling needs due to our location and climate and our trained service technicians understand these needs. We’re dedicated to your comfort.

If you need reliable heater maintenance, schedule an appointment with our team today.

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