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AC Repairs This Late in the Season? Why Bother?

AC-techniciansNow that we’ve reached the end of summer, it’s tempting to put off any air conditioning repairs and wait until next spring. Contrary to popular belief, it’s never too late to get your air conditioning repaired. Don’t wait until next year to deal with issues you could alleviate now. At Foss Heating & Cooling we provide the best air conditioning repair in Stanwood, WA.

The end of the summer is actually one of the best times to have a professional visit your home and perform any tune-ups on your air conditioning unit. An end of summer service can tune up your air conditioning for the next summer and give you the opportunity to adjust your heating system before winter.

Common End of Summer Issues

After a long summer of running your air conditioning unit in this humid Washington heat, there are many common issues that arise at the end of the season. Address these issues sooner than later to ensure that your air conditioning system is always up to par.

Dirty Coils

Your HVAC unit has an indoor and outdoor coil which regulate the heat exchange process. In simple terms, the coil removes heat from indoors and releases it outdoors. After a long season of cooling, the coil accrues a fair amount of dirt and grime. If you allow this dirt to remain there, it negatively affects the efficiency of the system.

A Run-Down Fan

There are also two fans in your air conditioning system. These two fans include the blower, also known as the evaporator fan, and the condenser fan. These fans allow the cool air to circulate effectively around your home. After a long summer of moving air blowing air, the fan blades can become loose, the fan belts become worn, and you might experience electrical or motor issues.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant in your HVAC system helps transfer heat. If the refrigerant is low, it’s most likely a sign of a bigger problem with your system. Refrigerant leaks are common and need the discerning eye of a professional to determine where the leak is coming from and why the issue originated. Refrigerant leaks affect the quality of your air conditioning and require immediate attention although the effects may not be so jarring that they interrupt your daily life.

Frozen Coils

We covered how your coils may become dirty, but if your refrigerant is low, then your indoor coil could also be frozen. The warm air from your home blows over the evaporator coil which allows the refrigerant to absorb the heat and begin the process of cooling your home. If there isn’t adequate airflow, then the coil may freeze.

Compressor Issues

Technicians often get calls about compressor troubles at the end of the summer because this is an integral part of your air conditioning unit that sees a lot of stress and damage. If you’re someone who doesn’t get their HVAC system serviced as often as they should, summertime cooling has probably taken a toll on your system. Compressors are a part of your system that are easily supported with proper maintenance.

Foss Heating & Cooling Is Here to Help

Our knowledgeable technicians at Foss Heating & Cooling know what to look for when servicing your system and know the necessary steps to take if you need repairs. A properly maintained HVAC unit will run better and last longer. Don’t hesitate to service yours.

It’s never too late to tune up your AC. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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