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Should I Replace My Heater?

furnace-wiringHave you started to think about replacing your home heating system? It is a tricky time of the year to start making such considerations. Things are obviously starting to warm up a bit and, frankly, a lot of homeowners are pretty much ready to move on from thoughts of their heating system. Of course, many homeowners can simply think of a lot of different ways in which they’d prefer to spend their money. Truth be told, however, the end of the heating season is really a perfect time to replace your heater.

Today, we’ll talk about not only why you may want to replace your heater now, but also what considerations you should make if you’re thinking about replacing your heater in general. If you do decide to replace your heater at any point,  one of the best bits of advice that we can give is to do so with a professional HVAC Company in Stanwood, WA. The good news is that you are currently reading this, so you’ve already found one to work with!

Why Not Wait Until the Heating Season Returns?

We can understand why you may find the idea of replacing a heating system at the end of its season of use a bit strange. If you think about it a bit more closely, though, you may start to see why doing so really makes sense. Winters can be unpredictable, for instance.  For all of your good intentions, it may simply sneak up on you. That could leave you without a dependable and effective heater in place just when you need it most.

Plus, you have to remember that the start of the heating season is a very busy time for your heating contractor. People are scheduling tune-ups, and may even be in need of early season repairs. We think it’s best to play it safe and just get the job done. Your new heater will be ready for you when you’re ready for it.

What to Consider

You don’t want to wait for your heater to break down entirely before you replace it. When that happens, you may be looking at a period of discomfort as you wait for your heater to be replaced. You don’t want to replace it too early either, though. If you do that, you’ve just wasted money that you spent on your heater. Keep these considerations in mind, and ask us about your heating replacement options.

  • Age. An old heating isn’t necessarily going to need to be repaired. However,  its age will play a role in determining if certain other factors make a replacement worthwhile.
  • Efficiency. Do you have a system that is old enough to have a pretty low-efficiency rating? Has your old system simply lost a lot of its efficiency capability over time? Then a replacement may be in order.
  • Reliability. Every heater is going to require occasional repair services. Your heater should not be requiring repairs each and every season,  though, let alone multiple times per season. If so, it may no longer make financial sense to continue repairing that system.

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