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Tank Water Heater Benefits

water-heater-technicianIt is probably not a controversial stance to take, but even we admit that investing in a new water heater may not be the most exciting way in which you can choose to spend your hard-earned money. Okay, so it probably wouldn’t even make the shortlist.  That being said, not all investments are about having fun—something that we are sure you, as a responsible homeowner, realize. So while buying a new water heater may not be that exciting, it is still necessary to give the process the attention that it deserves.

It doesn’t matter if you are investing in a new water heater for the very first time, or if you are replacing your old water heater that has been in your house since before you moved in. Weigh all of your options carefully if you are serious about getting the best performance from your system. You may just start to see why tank models are still among the most popular water heaters in Standwood, WA.

The Cost

Tankless water heaters are great.  So are tank water heaters. Different systems can both have their pros, just like both have their cons, and no system is going to be perfect for everyone. If such a system existed, there would not be so many different options for you to choose from, right? One of the greatest benefits of a tank water heater is the initial price tag that you are looking at.

Tankless water heaters can definitely save homeowners money over time, but that longterm return is not necessarily going to be enough to entice every homeowner into paying so much more upfront—and yes, tankless water heaters are more expensive. Does that mean that they aren’t worth the money? No. Does it mean a tank water heater may be right if you’re on a tighter budget right now? Definitely.

The Performance

Tank water heaters haven’t thrived for as long as they have by happenstance. They are great at what they do. Heating water. So are tankless water heaters, but the fact is that a tank water heater will serve some homes better depending upon hot water needs in that house.

For instance, if you have a large family and frequently have people in the shower, the dishwasher running, and laundry in the washing machine, you may put too much strain on the tankless water heater for it to keep up with everything. An appropriately sized tank water heater will typically keep up better than a tankless model could.

The Efficiency

The fact of the matter is that tankless water heaters eliminate standby energy loss completely. With that in mind, they are generally going to come out on top when it comes to energy efficiency. Today’s tank water heaters are no slouches when it comes to efficiency either, though.

Modern tanks are more efficient than they used to be, so standby energy loss, while still a concern, is not as major of a problem as it once was. Plus, by insulating hot water lines and the tank itself, you can boost energy efficiency even further.

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