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Why You Should Go Ductless

Female holding a remote control air conditioner at home. Happy young woman on sofaAre you looking for alternative options to standard methods of heating here in Washington? You might want to go ductless. Ductless mini split systems are great if you want personalized comfort for your home. This type of system gives you the customization that a standard heater cannot.

It gets cold here in Washington and we know you want to optimize the heating power in your home this winter so try a ductless mini split in Mount Vernon, WA this winter.  

How Ductless Heating Helps

You probably struggle to heat your home evenly—it’s a very common problem. Most homes here in Mount Vernon are spacious or have two-stories, so it can be hard to balance the heating in your home. Your central heating system will literally blow an even amount of heat throughout the rooms in your home, but this doesn’t account for outside forces that either add or take away from the heating in your home.

For example, the second story of your home might be stuffy while the first story always seems drafty. This is a very common problem among homeowners because heat naturally rises. Or, maybe you have a room in the front of your home that receives lots of natural light which raises the temperature, but a room in the back of your home is shaded by trees and foliage so the temperature there is much cooler.

Blowing an even amount of warm air into your home isn’t so even in these circumstances. You won’t distribute heat evenly into these spaces because the natural heat is already off balance across your home. Spaces like your second story or your sunny front room, which are naturally predisposed to hotter temperatures, will just become so hot that they’re uncomfortable. Spaces that are naturally a little colder, on the other hand, will heat up, but probably miss the mark of true comfort. Ductless mini splits are great because they are installed in the places you need them the most.

What Exactly Is a Ductless Mini Split System?

A ductless mini split is a heat pump style system that’s mounted directly onto your wall. This system doesn’t rely on ductwork, it uses individual air handlers installed strategically throughout your home rather than a centralized unit. Ductless systems are great because of the flexibility they provide your home, and in addition to this, they’re great because they act as both a heater and air conditioner. There’s no need for separate units to heat your home in the winter and cool your home in the summer.

Have A Professional Help

We come across many homeowners here in Mount Vernon that are unsure about going ductless because they aren’t sure about how this system will work for their home. Our professionals here at Foss Heating & Cooling can help you make these calculations and determine what type of heating system is best for your home. If a ductless system is going to meet your needs then we’ll help you take the right steps to install this system and take care of any other services you may need in the future.


If you want to go ductless, contact Foss Heating & Cooling today to schedule an appointment with our amazing team.

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