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HVAC Company in Camano Island, WA

At Foss Heating & Cooling, we offer exceptional heating and air conditioning services throughout the greater Camano Island, WA area because we understand that true comfort requires technical expertise and experience. From the installation of new boilers, furnaces, stoves and heat pumps to AC repair and routine maintenance plans designed to keep your existing equipment at its best, our technicians are ready to get to work for you. All you have to do is pick up the phone and count on outstanding customer service at a great value. Contact us today to schedule heating and air conditioning services in Camano Island, WA and the surrounding area.

For all of your professional heating and air conditioning service needs in Camano Island, rely on Foss Heating & Cooling! Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Heating Services in Camano Island, WA

How do you get through the winter? Is it via radiant heat with a centralized boiler and copper baseboard? Or perhaps it’s by means of a gas furnace and air ducts? Whatever your heating system needs are, we’ve got you covered. We offer outstanding heating services throughout the area, and we can make certain that you have what you need before winter sets in. When you’re in need of heater services in Camano Island, give us a call and we’ll have a quality heating expert to your home in no time!

Heater Repair

While you should be scheduling regular heater maintenance appointments to avoid any major problem with your heating system, sometimes your heater will stop working. Having a broken heater on a cold winter night is not what you want to happen. Foss Heating & Cooling provides professional heater repair services that you can rely on. Give us a call to schedule a service with one of our technicians. 

Boiler Repair & Installation

How effective is your boiler at keeping your space comfortable during the winter? Are you concerned about high energy bills? We offer outstanding boiler services throughout the area, and we can take care of yours as well. Whether you’re in need of a new system or your existing boiler needs service, call us!

Furnace Services in Camano Island

If you find that your furnace is not working as well as it should, then don’t keep it to yourself. We can dispatch one of our technicians quickly to sort out your furnace issues with our Camano Island furnace repair service. We offer outstanding furnace services, and that includes installation as well as maintenance. Give us a call today to schedule furnace services in Camano Island and the surrounding area.

Electric Furnace

An electric furnace, while not as popular as a gas furnace, can often times be a better choice for your home. If you are unsure what type of furnace would be best for you and your family, give us a call for further deteails. Here at Foss Heating & Cooling we will provide you with professional heating services and repair, replace or install a variety of systems at your request.

Gas Stoves

Natural gas is a great resource, and one that’s used throughout our area. We install and service quality gas stoves in Camano Island, so get in touch with our team whether you’re looking for a new one for your household or your existing one has broken down and needs repair or just a brief tune–up.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump functions much like an ordinary central air unit in that it circulates refrigerant to transfer thermal energy from one location to another. But it has the added benefit of moving that refrigerant in two directions, which means that a single heat pump will handle both your heating and cooling, and it can do so very efficiently.

Air Conditioning Services in Camano Island, WA

Don’t leave your summer comfort to chance! If you haven’t yet had your air conditioner thoroughly inspected, cleaned and tuned–up, then give us a call today to make an appointment. We service all major makes and models, from central air units and packaged units to ductless mini split systems designed to boost energy efficiency. We can also restore the effectiveness of your air conditioner if it no longer functions as well as it once did.

Air Conditioning Repair

We know that when your air conditioning system breaks you want it repaired as soon as possible. You can trust us with this task. Give us a call today to schedule your next air conditoning repair in Camano Island, WA.

Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless mini splits are heat pumps that avoid the use of ductwork entirely. They work via the installation of multiple indoor air blowers directly in the living space. Avoiding ducts allows this type of system to be highly energy efficient. It also allows each room’s inhabitant to customize the temperature to his or her liking.

Are You Interested in Improving Your Indoor Air Quality?

Did you know that dirty ducts can have a serious impact on your indoor air quality? Over time, they collect dust, dander and other debris, and these particles can then spread around your indoor space. If you find that your indoor air quality is faulty for whatever reason, then make sure you get in touch. We offer a number of different options, including duct sealing that will keep your ducts from pulling in dust from unoccupied areas. We also offer humidifiers, dehumidifiers and air cleaners.

Air Cleaners

If you want to make a serious improvement to your indoor air quality, then make sure to invest in a whole–house air cleaner. While portable units have their use value, they cannot compare to the comprehensive coverage of a whole–house air cleaner. We can make sure that you have one that works for your particular indoor air quality needs.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Taking control over your humidity will ensure that you reduce energy bills and generally improve the comfort level of your home. Interested? We can find a humidifier or dehumidifier that works perfectly for your needs. Call now!

Do You Need Water Heater Services?

How efficient is your water heater? Do you want to make certain that your system provides you with a bountiful supply of hot water that never seems to run out? We can assist you. We are your hot water specialists in Camano Island. We offer a diverse range of tank and tankless water heaters for installation and replacement as well as water heater repair and maintenance.

Are You in Need of Commercial HVAC Services?

Taking care of your commercial HVAC system is not something you can handle alone. You need to hire a trained professional to ensure that your system is correctly sized. This is the key to longevity, reliability and efficiency. So if you’re not currently satisfied with the comfort level of your commercial space, then let us know. We would be pleased to come have a look and see where we can help you improve matters. From repair to maintenance, from installation to replacement, we are your commercial service experts.